1991 Land Rover Defender

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Chilcotin Breakthrough

Last summer I decided to find a short cut to the Chilcotin from Vancouver. This is a picture of my 110 after it had emerged onto a logging road from a long butt clenching climb up Churn Creek. Made it!dd text, images, and other content

Land Rover Wheels Event

Our club the Roverlanders set a run for the local Land Rover Dealership. On the wet and rainy day we had Range Rovers, LR4's, LR2's and of course club Defenders and Series as well. Lots of fun seeing what the new Rovers are capable of. Other than a few rim scrapes all the new trucks emerged unscathed.

Movie Star

Spot my Defender on the set of Mission Impossible 4.

Photo by Penny

Photo by Penny

New3/4 ton Sankey Trailer

Picked this up recently.

Military Display at Roverlanders Founders Day 2011

Here is my 110 that won "best Military Land Rover".



1991 Land Rover Defender 110 X-Military

Here is my 1991 Land Rover Defender as I first saw the truck advertised. It is an x-MoD British Military FFR (fitted for radio) that was used as the Air Traffic Controllers at Fairford Airbase in England during the first Gulf War. It originally had a 2.5 diesel engine with an LT77 Gearbox. This was changed to a 300TDi with a R380 5 speed gearbox. It has had a "easy" life within the MoD, having less than 90,000kms when I purchased it. All panels are very straight as are the bulkhead and chassis. There is evidence that the vehicle was at one point painted with the green and black camo pattern underneath the existing flat green paint.


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